The New Life Thus Far

Published November 3, 2009 by heatherksmith

Janet and II’m now two months into my year service with Americorps VISTA.

In case you’re wondering,
VISTA =Volunteer In Service to America. Our mission=Fight poverty

In otherwords, I’m a professional volunteer with the government.  (Please disregard any talk from Michele Bachmann about “re-education camps” that you may have heard. I can tell you from first hand experience, certainly not the case, her son must agree).

I recommend checking out the website, you might find a service site perfect for you. I did. I’m doing marketing and communications. Not only do I get warm fuzzies from giving back, I also get to do what I love. Pretty sweet deal. You should be jealous. 

I moved to Phoenix from South Dakota for my service project. Don’t so much love the heat of summer and the breeze that resembles a blowdryer, but I’m really enjoying the lack of blizzards and scraping ice off the car windshield in the morning. (Yes friends form home, you can hate me for a few moments).

I haven’t seemd to have been able to stay put these past few years (De Smet to Spearfish, SD, to Mexico, back to Spearfish, off to a summer in Minneapolis, one more time to Spearfish and now Phoenix). I’ll probably explain this in more detail sometime in the future. I plan to use this blog to keep  my friends and family from all of these different corners updated on what’s going on in my life, along with the random thoughts that are going through my mind.  Anyway, enjoy the tidbits from my life.


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