My Trials and Tribulations on Two Wheels

Published November 14, 2009 by heatherksmith

Remember as a little kid when you had no problem riding your bike all over town? Going 2-3 miles to the softball field, park, the city pool or your best friend’s house?

 Don’t you ever wish you could go back to those days?

 Oh, wait, that’s right. You have car now.

 Well, I recently reintroduced myself to life behind the handlebars. Appearantly getting the transmission in a car fixed costs quite the pretty penny. A pretty penny  more than the VISTA living stipend covers.

The daily three-mile pedal to work hasn’t been all that bad. It’s great exercise, I’m saving money on gas, I’m reducing that nasty little carbon footprint and it’s a really nice pick-me-up for an anti-morning person like me.

This isn’t to say I haven’t had my share of two-wheeled mishaps and near-death experiences. Phoenix isn’t exactly ‘bike friendly.’  Here are some pictures to help you visualize.

Bike path on 15th Ave

This is the bike path on 15th Ave. In case you didn’t notice, the path goes between two driving lanes. Thanks, but I think I’ll stick to the sidewalk, especially during rush hour.


sprinklersSometimes I consider waiting to rinse the shampoo out of my hair from my morning shower and letting this sprinkler system take care of it. On the bright side of things, the sprits of cold water have an even better effect than morning coffee! 


Car GarageCars coming out of this garage never seem to notice me. Perhaps I should invest in an air horn to get their attention.  



Nemisis hedgeThe dreaded hedge. It’s unavoidable, literally. I often find shrubbery in my hair when I get to the office. 




Even with the unobservant traffic, unwanted cool-downs and the  occasional plant-made obstacle course, I’m still proud being a biker. Just do the math:

3 miles to work + 3 miles home= 6 miles. 6 miles x 5 days a week=
30 miles peddling away per week!


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