Furry Cornbread

Published December 20, 2009 by heatherksmith

I love playing with furry, little Cornbread.

In case you haven’t guessed by the picture, Cornbread is a kitten. One of the world’s cutest kittens, in my opinion.

I try to spend one Sunday a month volunteering at the Arizona Animal Welfare League. AAWL is a no-kill shelter that takes cats and dogs from other shelters where they could eventually be put down and provides them with medical care and behavioral treatment until they’re adopted.

For two hours, I help clean out cages, change a few litter boxes, dish up some food and water, and of course spend a good amount of time playing with the cats.

After the volunteering is done, I head towards the kittens’ room and spoil all the fluffy little tikes for a bit. That’s how I met my pal Cornbread. Don’t worry mom, I didn’t sneak him out in my sweater and won’t be brining him home for Christmas (even though I wish I could). Before I head home, I take a lap around the dog kennels and give a few pets out to the pooches.

The AAWL is a great place to volunteer. The animals are friendly and adorable, and the staff is awesome. I only have one warning for anyone considering giving their time to the AAWL:

You will want to take all the animals home!


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