Ice, Slush, and Windchill, Home Sweet Home!

Published January 8, 2010 by heatherksmith

Christmas Eve around noon, I arrived at the Rapid City Regional Airport.

The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling. Ahhh, it was great to be back.


The storm of the decade, century, whichever they were calling it, hit. Sideways blowing snow, five-foot snow drifts, closed interstates.  The entire state pretty much had a few unwanted ‘snow days.’

Even with the below zero temps and having to use my boots to stomp a make-shift path out of the front door, I was happy to be in South Dakota for a week.

When I moved to the land of cacti and palm trees, there were some things I didn’t realize how much I’d miss…

    1.  The way the snow sparkles early in the morning.
    2. Being able to see my breath under the lights on Spearfish Main Street after a night out.
    3.  Getting caught off guard by a snowball either to the face or down the back. Better yet, catching someone else off guard.
    4.  Laughing at someone (usually myself) after ending up on the ground after slipping on ice.
    5.  Wearing my boots with the fur more often.
    6. Having a reason to bundle up in mittens and a stocking hat.
    7. Drinking hot cocoa on the couch and watching movies in the living room on a cold night.
    8. Watching how excited my older brother gets when he can go ice fishing. Talk about a kid in a candy store.
    9.  Claiming that I need a Bailys and Coffee because it’s ‘the season.’
    10.  Watching the little girl of the man who scoops my mom’s steps help him out with her miniature, pink shovel.

It was great to see you South Dakota! I hope to visit you again soon! I’ll try to bring a few extra degrees with me 🙂


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