26 Miles and 4.5 Tons Later

Published February 1, 2010 by heatherksmith

If you’re from Phoenix, you’ve probably heard of PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Marathon. You’re probably also thinking, “That was  nearly a month ago.”

Even though all the runners have crossed the finish line and the bands are finished playing, there is still something from the race still going strong: The clothes.

Have you even seen a marathon? If so, you probably noticed all the sweaters, gloves, stocking hats, etc. that are left on the sides of the road. Considering the runners would need to backtrack over ten or twenty miles to retrieve their warm ups, they tend to get left there.

That’s where the volunteers come in.

During Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, Keep Phoenix Beautiful recruited volunteers for the “Clothing Recycling Project.” Around 100 of us were there, bright and early, to pick up the clothes left by the runners. After we gathered and bagged everything, it was donated to a nearby homeless shelter.

The donations surpassed a few sweaters and hats. Just at the starting line, we collected two city truckloads of clothes. All together, 4.5 tons were donated!

Weekend well spent! Pretty creative way to give back to the community! Makes you wonder what other  types of opportunities to give back are out there that we just haven’t thought of yet.


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