A Course I Wish Had Been Required

Published March 15, 2010 by heatherksmith

I was never a fan of math or science. Those were my least favorite hours of the day in high school. Nonetheless, I knew it was important for me to understand biology and algebra, whether or not they were my ‘cup of tea.’ Those courses are required for a reason, after all.

Since I started with the Arizona Grantmakers Forum in August, I began wondering why another subject hasn’t been more emphasized in the curriculum (or been included in many curriculums at all for that matter). Teaching this course could eventually alleviate poverty, end homelessness, put an end to world hunger, and the list goes on and on and on.

Ever wonder why you didn’t study philanthropy?…..I do…..

True, some of you might have touched on the subject during your days at K-12. But how extensively did you go into the topic? How many of your guidance counselors pushed you to study philanthropy in college, or even further, recommended you pursue a philanthropic career?

I like to think everyone is naturally a bit of a philanthropist. Why not build on it?

 Take a look at our resources for Educators and Youth Leaders on the AGF website. This includes Learning to Give, a site providing lesson plans for implementing philanthropy in every K-12 subject based on state standards throughout the country and Games for Change, a collection of video games that interactively teach about world issues (Become a 3rd World Farmer or experience the challenges of a global refugee).

I also recommend taking a look at our resources for Young and Emerging Leaders for links to philanthropy programs at the university level throughout the nation.

 I hope you find our resources helpful. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!


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