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Hello, I’m Gen Y

Published February 22, 2010 by heatherksmith

I’m part of Generation Y, but I didn’t know until I joined the workforce. The Gen Y kids have apparently caused quite the stir in the office. I’ve learned plenty about ‘myself’ over the past few months. Even though I fit into the age range, I definitely don’t fit all the stereotypes. So, I’d like to clear a few things up.

Just because I use an iPod, laptop, and Blackberry doesn’t mean I can fix all your IT problems. Trust me, I wish I could. But leave that to the experts of the IT department.

No, I do not feel ‘entitled’ to that corner office and six-figure salary. My parents taught me nothing comes without hard work and dedication. I’m very well aware that just because I have a degree, doesn’t mean I’m going to have a career handed to me. I need experience, and that comes from working from the bottom up.

I will not scoff at workplace policy. I won’t wear flip-flops, mini skirts, or holey jeans to the office. I’m also not going to call in ‘sick’ because I’m hung over or don’t feel like working. Oh, and be assured you won’t find any incriminating photos on my Facebook Page.

I’m not perfect and have plenty to learn. But please remember I am me, not just another Gen Y kid.