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Just So You Know…You Sound Like A Total Jerk Right Now

Published May 23, 2010 by heatherksmith
I try to live by the advice my mother gave me that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’ll admit that sometimes that’s easier said than done, but I give it my best effort.  But some people don’t try as hard as I do, if they even try at all.
A good amount of people seem to think that adding one of the following phrases into a sentence makes any comment he or she makes OK. Guess what, it doesn’t. I may not be a communications expert, but if you often use this lingo in every-day conversation, I highly recommended you stop. Check it out:
  1. I’m just being honest……
    Has this sentence ever been followed or preceded by something nice? You never hear, “I’m just being honest, but you look great today!” Nope, it’s always nasty. Before using this phrase, think to yourself, am I being honest, or a total jerk? Is it a fact that girl is annoying, or am I just in a bad mood today?
  2. Just so you know…..
    Again, does good news ever follow this?  Nope, never. Think about it, “Just so you know, your boyfriend is cheating on you,” “Just so you know, your butt looks huge in that.” Just so you know, when you use this phrase, you’re being an ass.
  3. I would want to know…..
    Yes, I’m sure you would wan’t to know that your hair looks terrible that way or the sound of your voice resembles nails on a chalkboard. This seemed like a good idea to you why?
  4. Bless his/her heart…..
    I love this one. It’s usually used to make saying something mean behind someone’s back perfectly acceptable. By all means, go ahead and verbally degrade someone, just as long as you ‘bless his/her heart’ afterwards.

I’m just being honest, but I these comments never make for a good conversation. Just so you know, you should probably take my mom’s advice. After all, I would want to know if I was being a jerk. I hope you liked this post. Bless your heart.